Set up social media icons with attributes


Using Exclaimer Cloud, you can include dynamic content when defining signatures - i.e. use fields to pull user details from Office 365. The most obvious example is a person's name and contact information, but you can also use fields to define attributes for other items of content, including social media icons. 

Suppose you are defining a signature which includes a Facebook icon. If the required URL for Facebook is always the same for everyone within the organisation, you could enter it as-is. However, if the Facebook account varies according to user, you can: 

So, when the signature is generated, Exclaimer Cloud will pull Facebook account information from that field, just as it does for contact information, etc.


Update Office 365 User Details 

  1. First, you need to decide which user details field will be used to hold the relevant social media account information (in this example, we're looking at Facebook). Office 365 does not include social media fields for user accounts, so you need to designate an existing field for this purpose - we have chosen the fax number field:

    Choose the fax field in Office 365

  2. Having decided which field to use, enter the required social media account name for each user. This the final part of your social media address, which can be copied and pasted from the address bar when you access the relevant social media page - for example:

    Exclaimer Facebook page

  3. Here, the Facebook account name is exclaimer, so we add it to the designated fax number field for required users:

    Enter the Facebook account name

  4. Ensure that all user accounts are updated with the required social media account details in this way.

Update the Exclaimer Cloud signature

  1. Log in to Exclaimer Cloud:
  2. Launch your required subscription and open the template you would like to edit.
  3. Scroll down the left-hand pane to find the social media icons and access the web address for the required icon, where a default URL is displayed:

    Social media icons in Exclaimer Cloud

  4. Position the cursor at the end of the default URL (after the forward slash) and type an open curly bracket. For example:{. This displays a list of available attribute fields:

    Add curly bracket to social media address

  5. Select the required attribute. This updates the web address with the selected attribute at the end of the URL:

    Required attribute chosen in Exclaimer Cloud

  6. Ensure you have performed a manual data synchronization to ensure that Exclaimer Cloud caches updated details. To do this, select settings > data synchronization and click start:

    Perform a manual data syncronization

Now when you send an email using this signature, information is pulled from the designated Office 365 field and the relevant social media web address is updated. Using this example, the word exclaimer is pulled from the fax number field and added it to the end of - becoming

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