How to enable Message Capture in Exclaimer Cloud

The Message Capture feature can be useful to identify the shape and content of a message, before and after it was processed by Exclaimer Cloud.

This feature will copy messages that match the Message Capture conditions and email the diagnostic data to the diagnostic recipient specified.

Note: Message capture does not interrupt mail flow, and captured messages will still be delivered to the intended recipients.

To enable message capture:

  1. Log on to the Exclaimer Cloud portal ( and click the Launch button.
  2. Click the Settings button at the top of the page:

    UI Settings in Signatures for Office 365.

  3. Click the Diagnostics tab.
  4. Under the Message Capture heading, click the Edit button:

    Message Capture feature.

  5. Tick the checkbox Enable message capture.
  6. Specify how many messages should be captured before the feature will be automatically disabled.
  7. In the Sender column, enter the email address of the sender whose messages you want to capture
  8. Optionally, specify if you want to capture emails to all recipients, or emails to a specific recipient.

    Note: If a recipient is specified, the recipient will receive an email with the captured messages attached.

  9. To capture reply emails from the recipient, tick the checkbox Capture replies from this recipient to the specified sender.
  10. In the deliver diagnostic data to: column, either specify a user within the Office 365 tenancy or for the diagnostic data to delivered directly to Exclaimer Support.
  11. Click the Save button:

    Message Capture and Diagnostics.

Heeft u niet een oplossing voor uw probleem gevonden?

Klik op de onderstaande knop, inloggen op de Exclaimer Cloud portal en er sprake van een support ticket. Een lid van de Exclaimer ondersteuningsteam zal dan in aanraking.

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