Signatures are not applied to emails sent to recipients/recipient domains that are on the ‘Include’ list in the Recipient Rules


Using the select recipients option, you have specified that a signature should be applied to messages sent to internal recipients or external recipients, rather than any recipient.


You have also chosen to include a particular recipient address or domain in the recipient rules, but the signature is not being applied to the recipients specified in the include option.



When Exclaimer Cloud processes the recipient rules, the For messages sent to: rules are processed before the Where any of the recipients: rules.

This means that if you have configured a signature to apply to messages sent to internal recipients, and you have also specified an external domain in the include rules, the signature will not be applied to the external domain as Exclaimer Cloud will recognise the signature as only for use on internal emails.

To resolve this, you would need to configure the signature policy to apply a signature based on the domain you are sending to.

1. Hover over the signature tile and click select recipients:


2. The Select recipients window is displayed:


3. Ensure the signature is set to apply for messages sent to any recipient.

4. Next, click the Add Recipient button to display the Add recipient window:


Note: Ensure you include the @ symbol when specifying a domain, or you will receive an error:

5. Enter the domains you wish to receive this signature and click OK to close the window:


 6. The signature will now be applied to the domains specified in the include rules.


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