How do I apply a signature based on the recipient of the message?


You would like a particular signature to apply only when emailing a specific email address or domain.


1. You can define recipients using the Select recipients option. This option is accessed by hovering your cursor over the signature tile:

2. Having clicked this option, the Select recipients window is displayed. Here, you can specify the email addresses or domains you wish to apply this signature to.

Note: To configure recipient rules you must first start with an active Server-side policy.

When trying to configure recipient rules on a disabled signature policy, or a Client-side policy, the following banner will be displayed at the top of the Select recipients window:

3. Next, click the Add Recipient button to display the Add recipient window:

4. Enter the email addresses or domain you wish to receive this signature and click OK to close the window:

5. Having made the required selections, click OK to confirm.

The signature tile on the Home page will be updated to reflect that the signature will apply to Specific recipients:


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