Exclaimer Cloud status page

The Exclaimer Cloud status page is where you will find out if there are any interruptions or outages to your service, as well as information on any general maintenance planned.status_page_screen.PNG

When the system is fully operational, a green banner will appear at the top of the page, and each Exclaimer Cloud region will be noted as 'Operational'.

The colour of the banner and the status of the affected region, or Exclaimer Cloud component, will change to reflect any reported issues. The icon displayed will reflect the severity of the reported issues.

The icons displayed are as follows:


To view the full status information for your Exclaimer Cloud region, select the plus icon next to the region name. This will allow you to view the status of each component that makes up Exclaimer Cloud.region_status.PNG

Hovering over the question mark icon will give you further information regarding what each component is, or does.

System Metrics

The system metrics section gives you an insight into the average time it takes for a message to be processed by Exclaimer Cloud.system_metrics.PNG

The time period can be changed at the top of the graph to view the data over a different period.

Past Incidents

 Incidents reported in the last 24 hours will appear here.

Subscribe to updates

You can subscribe to updates at the top of the status page.subscribe_to_updates.PNGBy subscribing to status updates, you will receive email notifications alerting you to any current issues, as well as any upcoming scheduled maintenance.

When you register for updates, all components of all Exclaimer Cloud regions will be selected by default. You can customise the updates to the regions or components you are interested in by removing the tick from the tick box next to each component.

You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. Once this confirmation has been completed, you will receive any service updates or alerts for your chosen region or components.

Viewing service health status from within the Exclaimer Cloud Portal

All pages in the Exclaimer Cloud Portal will display a live service health status at the bottom of the page.


Should you wish to view the service status in more detail, clicking on the status will take you to the Exclaimer Cloud status page

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