September 2018

New Features

Folder Scope for G Suite and Office 365 - We now allow Admins to configure folders so that rules within those folders can only be applied to a subset of users by Editors. In an organisation split into many divisions or countries, this allows you to safely delegate signature design and application.

General Improvements

  • Loading the User Photos no longer returns an error in a small number of scenarios.
  • When configuring the product’s diagnostic feature, you are not returned an error in cases where you have a user in your organization with a blank email address.
  • Returning to the setup wizard after an extended period of time and clicking “Next” no longer takes you to a page not found (404).
  • On the home screen, we have removed the “See all” hyperlink as it was obscured by the signature menu and could not be clicked. The same functionality is still available from the signature menu under “Select Users”.
  • We no longer return deleted signatures when performing a search.
  • We have fixed an extremely rare scenario which caused signatures to be processed in the wrong order.
  • During setup, it was possible to be setup on the wrong product, or receive an error, if you had both Office 365 and G Suite configured for the same domain.
  • The Cloud Signature Update Agent has been modified to help prevent it being crawled by Google. We found a number of customers were using Google to find us and then downloading this thinking it was the Exclaimer Cloud product.
  • We have pre-emptively updated the address we use for our secure certificate provider in response to a communication from the provider that they are planning to change this address.
  • In some cases when setting up signatures for Outlook it was possible if you had a large number of users the website would appear to hang during setup.
  • When running through the Cloud setup wizard on a slow internet link it’s not possible to skip the setup screens before they have run.

Office 365 Improvements

  • We have improved the connector setup PowerShell script to deal more effectively with extremely large messages.
  • It is now possible to use the Cloud Signature Update Agent in environments with Seamless Single Sign-on where machines are Azure Active Directory joined.
  • Whilst we have always used TLS security for email conversations, we now advertise this to Office 365. This will appear in your tracking logs in Office 365.
  • During the setup wizard, we’ve added some text to explain that if you have two-factor authentication enabled you should use an app password. The product already supported this but adding this text makes it clearer for users.

 G Suite Improvements

  • The aggregation of customer data to be populated into {fields} now completes when we encounter a G Suite group that contains a blank name.
  • Performance of our aggregation mechanism has been improved by not aggregating groups with “All Users” unless they are used in your rules


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