How do I use the Process Next Signature feature to apply a disclaimer to all signatures?


You wish to apply a 'contact details' type signature to all emails sent from your organization, but only add a disclaimer for external emails.


  1. Create a template for the generic, 'contact details' signature (which will be applied to every email), and another for the disclaimer (which will only be applied to emails sent to external recipients).

  2. Access signature rules for the 'contact details (all users)' template.

  3. Apply this signature for messages sent to everyone, and select the process the next signature option:


  4. Access signature rules for the 'disclaimer (external emails only)' template.

  5. Apply this signature for messages sent to external recipients, and select the don't process the next signature option:


  6. Your two templates should be displayed on the Home page, with options summarised in the examples below:


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