How do I use the Signature Rules Tester?

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The Signature Rules Tester is used to check which signature will apply to a given email address, whether the message is being sent internally or externally. 

When a test is run, signature rules are checked for each signature, in the sequence that they are displayed on the Home page.

Opening the Signature Rules Tester

  1. Log in to your Exclaimer portal (
  2. On the right-hand side, select the Signature Rules Tester button:


Using the Signature Rules Tester

  1. Having selected the Signature Rules Tester option, the Signature Rules Tester window is displayed: 


  2. In the From: field, enter an email address. Typically, this will be for a user within your organization. This field does not auto-complete - the full address needs to be entered manually.

  3. In the To: field, enter the email address for the required recipient (this can either be an internal or external email address).

  4. Use the text area to enter any required message content.

  5. Click the Test button. A Results window is displayed, and you can follow the trail, showing why the signature was/was not applied (see example below).



Here, you can see which signature rules were checked against the specified user (rules are shown in processing sequence, top to bottom). Most importantly, you can see why that signature is/is not applied.

To start, the signature is not applied (notice the icon has changed from a tick to a cross) because signature rules that are being checked, do not match. In this case, the Any sender and Advanced query rules have not been met. Therefore (as shown at the bottom), the signature is not applied and signature processing continues.

Next, the signature is applied because the user matches the Any sender rule, as well as the all messages rule, the server side signature enabled rule, and the recipient is external rule. Additionally, the message does not contain any of the exception text specified in the signature rules.

At the bottom, you can see that the signature is applied, and therefore signature processing has stopped (unless you enabled the process next signature option - in which case, signature processing continues). 

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