How do I configure Azure AD Connect to synchronize attributes to Azure?


To make additional attributes in your local AD available for Exclaimer Cloud to pick up for use in signatures, you must configure them to synchronize to Azure AD, using your Azure AD Connect tool:


Running the AD Connect Tool

  1. Load the tool, to display a list of available tasks.

  2. Select the Customise Synchronisation Options task: 

  3. Click Next

  4. When prompted, log in with your Office 365 Global Administrator account.

  5. From here, you will see options for choosing the applicable directory - check these are correct and click Next:


  6. You will now see Domain and OU filtering options, where you can choose to synchronize only selected domains or OUs, or all AD domains and OUs:

  7. Select applicable options and click Next., to display Optional features.

  8. Ensure that the Direct Extension Attribute Sync option is selected:


  9. Click Next to display Directory extensions:


    This is where you can choose what attributes are added for synchronisation into Azure AD, where they can then be synchronized with Exclaimer Cloud.

  10. Use the Available Attributes pane to select required attributes and move them over, into the Selected Attributes pane (using arrow buttons between the two panes). 

    Note: Attributes that can be used by Exclaimer after synchronisation are the (User) [String] attributes. Also note that Exclaimer cannot synchronize attributes that are ‘multi value’ fields (such as Description).

  11. Having selected all required attributes, click Next. The Ready to configure page is displayed:


  12. Click the Configure button to start the configuration. By default the tick-box to start synchronization is select, so azure AD should synchronize immediately.

  13. Upon completion, data is synchronized to Azure AD, and the Configuration complete page is displayed:

  14. Click Exit.

  15. Log into Exclaimer Cloud ( and perform a manual data synchronization (for instructions, see the solution in this article), to ensure that the data is synchronized with Exclaimer.  

    If you have already completed Exclaimer's Additional AD Attributes configuration, the attributes should be available as fields in the signature designer.

    If you have not yet completed the Additional AD Attributes configuration, you will need to do so.


  • Empty or Null fields are not synchronized
  • A maximum of 100 AD fields can be synchronized (this includes ‘default’ fields, such as Display name, first name, surname, etc.)
  • Attributes created by PowerShell will not be synchronized

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