Creating a new Exclaimer Cloud subscription

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The subscription process

Having completed our registration process, you are directed to create a subscription, as summarized below:

  1. First, you should choose which service provides your email (in this case, we're creating a subscription for G Suite, but the process is the same, whichever email service you choose):


  2. Click Next. You're prompted to enter how many users in your organization will be using this Exclaimer Cloud subscription (the minimum license is for 10 users), and to select a region:


  3. Having entered this information, check/accept the terms and conditions, then click Next. Your subscription is prepared:


  4. Once preparation is complete, confirmation is displayed:


What next?

If you just want to try out the Signature Designer before configuring a connection with your email service, simply click the Launch button and choose to Try out the Signature Designer:



If you are an administrator, and you're ready to configure your email services, follow steps below:

  1. Select the Not now link.
  2. Update your SPF record (to prevent messages processed by Exclaimer being marked as spam).
  3. Launch your subscription, and configure the operational service.

Note: For information about the Exclaimer Cloud portal, see Exploring the Exclaimer Cloud Portal.




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