Updating your SPF record

If you have decided that you wish to configure the full operational service, it is important to update your SPF record. If you don't do this, there is a risk that any messages that are routed from Exclaimer Cloud, back to your email service, could get marked as spam by recipients. For further information, please see Add an include mechanism to your SPF record.

This is a simple process, which you can perform:

The update process (from the new subscription wizard)

If you've just created a new subscription and have reached the final page of the wizard, follow steps below:

  1. Click the Not now link at the bottom of the 'subscription ready' page:


  2. Then, simply click the Update SPF Record button:


  3. Once you have updated your SPF record, click the Launch button to access Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for G Suite, where you can configure the full operational service.  

The update process (for an existing subscription)

If you've created a subscription but exited the subscription wizard (for example, you might have chosen to try out the signature designer), follow steps below to update the SPF record:

  1. Access the Exclaimer Cloud portal (https://portal.exclaimer.com).

  2. Select the Manage button associated with your subscription:


  3. Then, simply click the Update SPF Record button:



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