Configuring a full operational service for an Exclaimer Cloud subscription

Having created your subscription and launched the product for the first time, you'll be prompted to choose how you wish to use it:


Here, you can choose to: 

Configure the full operational service. If you choose this option, you'll be guided through a setup wizard, to connect Exclaimer Cloud with your email service (so you can start creating and applying signatures for your users). The setup wizard will vary, depending on which email service you have chosen for your subscription - please choose from the list below, for specific instructions.


Try out the signature designer. If you're not ready to configure your email service, but would like to see how the signature designer works, you can choose this option to launch the product in 'preview' mode. From here, you can create signatures and see available features, but these signatures will not be processed or applied (because there's no connection with your email service yet (you can always do this later). For further information, please see Trying out the Signature Designer.

Configure full operational service instructions for different email services

Choose a link below for help configuring the full operational service, for your Exclaimer Cloud subscription:

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