Configuring a new G Suite subscription for Gmail only

This article guides you through the process of configuring your Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for G Suite subscription, for Gmail (client-side) only. With this configuration, signatures are synchronized to users' Gmail (so they can be added when composing messages) - but Exclaimer Cloud (server-side) features are not implemented.

This wizard walks you through the steps required to grant permission for Exclaimer Cloud to:

  • Synchronize data from your Google Directory to an Exclaimer Cloud Signatures database, so it can be applied to your signatures
  • Synchronize signatures to your users' Gmail. 

Running the setup wizard

To run the setup wizard, follow steps below:

  1. Having set up your subscription and launched the product, you can choose to Configure the full operational service or Try out the Signature Designer:


    Note: If you have previously chosen to Try out the Signature Designer, the Configure the full operational service option will always be available when you launch the product.

  2. Select Configure the full operational service and then click Next to choose features that you wish to configure.

  3. Select the Client-side (Gmail) only radio button:

  4. Click Next to view a summary of tasks that will be completed during this setup:


  5. Click Next to choose an account with Super Admin permissions for your G Suite account: 


  6. Having chosen an account, you are prompted to grant access for Exclaimer to access your Google account:


  7. Click Allow to grant permission, and verify the installation:


  8. You are now prompted to Integrate with Google, allowing Exclaimer Cloud to read data from your Google Directory, and update users' signatures in Gmail:


  9. Click the Integrate with Google button: 


  10. You're prompted to verify your account, by entering the associated password:


  11. Enter the password, and click Next. A summary of access requirements is displayed, and you need to agree to the application's terms and conditions, at the bottom of this page:


  12. Click Accept. You will see confirmation that Exclaimer Cloud has been installed, and have the option to notify your users about this:


  13. Decide if you'd like to notify users, then click Next. You are shown where to find the Exclaimer Cloud app:


  14. Click Next. Before starting to use Exclaimer Cloud, some additional setup is needed - you're prompted to complete this now:


  15. Click the Manage app link. You are direction to the Google Admin > Settings for Exclaimer Cloud:


  16. Exit this page.

  17. Having saved settings, you can now launch the app:


  18. You're now ready to create your first signature:


    Having created a signature, you can define signature rules and enable the signature for use in Gmail.



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