Signature Rules (G Suite)

Signature rules are used to determine if and how a signature should be applied. To access this option, hover your cursor over a signature tile:

Depending on how your subscription is configured, rules can be defined for Server-side (G Suite), and/or for Gmail:

Note: These options vary, depending on which email service you have configured for Exclaimer Cloud. If you are not using G Suite, see the the Related pages section below, and select the appropriate alternative.

These options are summarised below:

  • Server-side (G Suite). Users compose and send messages from any client/browser/device, without signatures. The message is then routed to our Cloud service, where the first applicable signature is applied. 

  • Client-side (Gmail). Signatures are synchronized from Exclaimer Cloud to Gmail, and displayed when users compose messages in Gmail. If applicable (i.e. if your subscription is configured for server-side AND client-side use), messages are then routed to Exclaimer Cloud, where text matching ensures that a duplicate signature is not applied.

    Note: All applicable signatures are synchronized for users. This means that when a user composes a message in Gmail, they may have more than one signature to choose from.

For information about using these options when defining signatures, please see:

Options not displayed?

If your subscription is not configured for Server-side (G Suite), these options are not shown - instead, you will see a Complete configuration option - for example:


If required, you can use the Configure button, to set up server-side features

Signature Rules (Office 365) 

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