Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for G Suite Overview

Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for G Suite is the premier cloud service for centrally managing and controlling G Suite email signatures. 

With a wide choice of professionally designed email signature templates as your start point and an intuitive signature designer that lets you customize key elements and choose what information to include, you can create beautiful signatures with your own brand logo, images and color scheme.

Setup Options

When you set up Exclaimer Cloud for G Suite, you can run setup for:

  • Server-side (G Suite) AND Client-side (Gmail). Signatures are applied AFTER emails have been sent (users don't see the signature that was applied). Messages sent from Gmail are routed to Exclaimer Cloud, where signatures are applied - then the messages are returned to G Suite, and sent to recipients. Setup is ALSO completed for Gmail synchronization (so signatures can be synchronized to users' Gmail accounts, for inclusion when messages are composed).  
  • Client-side (Gmail only). Signatures are synchronized to users' Gmail. When messages are sent from Gmail, they are sent directly to recipients - i.e. they are not routed to Exclaimer Cloud for processing. 

Key Features 

All Exclaimer Cloud for G Suite features are accessed via our intuitive web portal (portal.exclaimer.com). From here, you can:

When messages are sent, all enabled signatures are processed and applied as appropriate (if more than one signature applies for a user, the first one processed will be used). Any contact information included in the signature is drawn from G Suite data (as configured during the setup process.

A note about our documentation

With a few exceptions, the interface and functionality for Exclaimer Cloud - G Suite, is the same as already documented for Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365. For this reason, you will only find specific G Suite articles, where there are differences.  

Note: To find all G Suite articles, you can search for 'G Suite' or 'Gmail'.




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