Applying a signature policy using the sender domain


Using Exclaimer Cloud, you would like to create a signature policy which is based on the sender’s email domain - for example, all users with as the last part of their email address.


To achieve this, you can specify the required domain using Select user options for the required signature – as detailed below:

  1. Log into the Exclaimer portal (

  2. Click the Launch button for your subscription.

  3. Create a new signature policy (or modify an existing one).

  4. Hover your cursor over the signature and choose the Select users option:

    The Applies to window is displayed. From here you can choose users for whom the signature is/is not applied:


  5. Select the + Add People/Groups button:


    The Add person/group window is displayed:


  6. Select the Specific user or email address option and enter the required email domain (including the @ symbol): 


  7. Having typed the required domain, DO NOT select any prompted names, or press Enter. Instead, click on any blank space in the Add person/group window and then click OK. This returns to the Applies to window, with the domain listed:


  8. Click OK to confirm and exit back to the main page, where the signature is shown with its updated Applies to: information:


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