Disclaimer is appended to the email twice when using an Office 365 transport rule


You use Exclaimer Cloud to add signatures to email messages. Separately, you are using an Office 365 transport rule to append a disclaimer.

When sending a message, any disclaimer text is added to the email twice, with the Exclaimer signature added in between the two disclaimers.


This issue occurs because when Exclaimer Cloud processes a message and passes it back to Office 365, the transport rule which adds the disclaimer is applied again.


There are two solutions for this issue, summarised below.

Solution 1

Define required disclaimer text in Exclaimer Cloud. In doing so, Exclaimer Cloud appends the signature AND the disclaimer, so the Office 365 transport rule becomes redundant.

Solution 2

For this solution, we add a condition to the Office 365 transport rule:

X-ExclaimerHostedSignatures-MessageProcessed header matches 'true'

So, an email will not process the disclaimer rule unless it has been processed by Exclaimer Cloud, the disclaimer is added after the email is processed by Cloud. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign-in to the Office 365 admin portal (https://portal.office.com) as an administrator.
  2. At the Home page, click the icon at the top left of the screen and then select the Admin option from the resulting menu:


    The Office 365 admin center page is displayed.

  3. From the left-hand menu, select, select ADMIN > Exchange:


    The Exchange admin center page is displayed.

  4. From the left-hand navigation menu, select mail flow:


    The mail flow page is displayed, with a row of options in a menu bar at the top:


  5. Select rules from the menu bar to display the rules list.
  6. Select and edit the transport rule which is adding your disclaimer.
  7. Click the add condition button: 

  8. Using the drop-down list, select A message header… and then matches these text patterns:


  9. Note: If you don't see all the options, look for a More options… link and click it.
  10. Click the Enter text… hyperlink:
  11. When the specify header name window is displayed, enter X-ExclaimerHostedSignatures-MessageProcessed and click OK:

  12. Click the Enter text patterns… hyperlink:

  13. When the specify words or phrases window is displayed, type true (in lower case) and then click the + symbol to add this word to the list:


  14. Click OK.
  15. Click Save to complete the setup for this rule. 

    Note: Microsoft advise that a newly created transport rule may take up to one hour before it becomes operational.


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