Allowing another user to log into your subscriptions


You wish to allow another user access to your Exclaimer Cloud subscription.


Only the subscription owner (by default, the person who created the Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 subscription) can add other users who can log into the Exclaimer portal. If you are the subscription owner, follow steps below (if you are not the subscription owner, click here):

  1. Login to the Exclaimer portal (, using the email address provided when you created your subscription.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Launch button and select Manage:
  3. Under the User Management section, click the Add a user... button:
  4. Specify the Name, Email address and Company for the new user requiring access
  5. Specify if the new user is an Admin or an Editor, for more information on these visit this page
  6. Once done, click the Add button.
  7. Having added a user, they will receive an automated email from Exclaimer, allowing them to set a password and log in.

If you are not the subscription owner, either:

  • Ask the subscription owner to add required users


Haven't found a solution to your problem?

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