How do I exclude a message from having a signature applied?


Some customers have the need to exclude some message from having a signature appended. For example, they might have multiple domains as they have multiple companies working under one organization.


This is achieved by using an exception in the Office 365 transport rule. If the exception is met, the rule will not be applied which means the message will not be redirected to Exclaimer Cloud to have a signature applied. To create an exception for a given domain, follow the steps below:

    1. Log in to your Microsoft Office 365 portal (
    2. Click the Admin button.
    3. On the left hand pane, expand ADMIN and click Exchange.
    4. In the Exchange admin center, click mail flow on the left-hand side:


    5. Identify the transport rule created to redirect messages to Signatures for Office 365.
    6. Double-click the rule to view its properties:
      Update Office 365 signature transport rule.
    7. Click the add exception button to configure an exception:
      Add exception.
    8. To exclude messages sent to a particular domain, select the recipient…address includes any of these words (a range of exception parameters are available if you need to prevent signatures being applied under different circumstances).

      Note: To exclude messages sent FROM a particular domain, you can use the sender… conditions instead.

    9. When the specify words or phrases window is displayed, enter the domain that you wish to exclude - for example,
      Enter the excluded domain.
    10. Click the + (plus) button to add the specified word or phrase to the exception.

      In this above example, only part of the domain ( is specified, which means that all email addresses on the specified domain will be excluded. Alternatively, you could specify a particular email address:

      Exclude a certain email address.

      Note: If you add multiple entries, messages will be excluded if ANY (not ALL) of them are matched.

    11. When you have added all required domains, click OK.
    12. Click Save. It can take up to one hour for changes to the Transport Rule to become operational.

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