Keeping your account secure

As with all online subscriptions, security is of great importance. We have added business-grade security measures to protect your personal information, but we recommend that you complete the following steps to make your account even safer.

Use a strong password

A password must be a minimum of 6 characters containing the following:

  • Uppercase letter.
  • Lowercase letter.
  • Digit (number).

For extra security purposes, we recommend using a password that is:

  • Unique to Exclaimer Cloud and not used anywhere else within your organization.
  • At least 8 characters long.
  • A mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and symbols e.g. +, @, #, $, £.
  • Not a birthday, date, name or address.

We also recommend that you change your password periodically e.g. every 90 days. To update your password, go to the Overview tab and click Change Password in the Account section.

Keep an eye out for phishing attempts

Scam or ‘phishing’ emails are sent out by the millions every day to unsuspecting victims across the world. These are attempts to hijack your account and steal your personal information.

Exclaimer will never ask for any personal information in an email. This includes:

  • Payment information (credit card number, debit card number etc.).
  • VAT number.
  • Your account password.

If you receive an email message from Exclaimer asking for any personal information, hover over a link in the email to see where it goes. This will let you see what the actual URL is at the bottom of most web browsers.

If you’re still not sure, don’t click any links in the email and login to your account by typing directly into your web browser. We also recommend that you contact your Exclaimer Account Manager and forward the offending email to them. We can then investigate where this message has come from and take the appropriate actions.

Report any suspicious or fraudulent activities

At Exclaimer, we take fraud very seriously. If you notice suspicious bank charges or unauthorized account activity that appear to be on behalf of Exclaimer, please contact Exclaimer Support immediately.

If you have questions about the privacy of your information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Haven't found a solution to your problem?

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