Canceling your Exclaimer Cloud account

If you want to cancel your account, click Manage next to your Active Subscriptions. In the Subscription details area, click the Cancel this subscription link under the Next payment date in your subscriptions.

Cancel this subscription.

Confirm that all of your details are correct and click Cancel Subscription. A member of our technical team will then get in contact with you to help you safely terminate your subscription.

Subscription has been cancelled.

Please be aware that, as per our terms and conditions, you will be liable for the remaining amount left on your contract. Full payment will be expected on termination of your contract with Exclaimer.

Your account will still be active until we have taken your last payment. This is non-negotiable and you will not receive refunds for partial months.

After your last bill payment has been taken, Exclaimer Cloud will work for 7 days. After 7 days, all features will be deactivated. We recommend that you update your email server settings during this period.

Haven't found a solution to your problem?

Please click the button below, login to the Exclaimer Cloud portal and raise a support ticket. A member of the Exclaimer Support team will then be in touch.

Raise a support ticket