Voting buttons are not present in messages which are sent to a group and routed to Exclaimer Cloud


Using Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365, voting buttons are not present in messages which are sent to a group.


Voting functionality is stored in a TNEF MAPI property. When a message is addressed to a group and routed via a send connector, it undergoes content conversion to MIME. However, the MIME format does not preserve the TNEF MAPI property, so voting buttons are not displayed.


TNEF should be enabled for Office 365. In a hybrid environment, TNEF should also be enabled for Exchange.

Enabling TNEF for Office 365

  1. Connect to your Office 365 environment (for instructions, see the Technet website, here).

  2. Run the following Powershell command:
    Get-RemoteDomain | fl 
  3. This shows a list of attributes - look for TNEFEnabled (it should be blank):

  4. Type the following: 

    Set-RemoteDomain * -TNEFEnabled $true

    This will return with no results, as below:

  5. Type the following: 

    Get-RemoteDomain | fl

  6. You can see that TNEFEnabled is set as true:

Enabling TNEF for Exchange

Enabling TNEF for Exchange is the same process as above, but there is one slight difference. In Exchange, you will have multiple Remote Domains, so the change has to be made for the correct one.

  1. From a command prompt, type the following: 


    You will see multiple domains - for example:

  2. We want to change the Domain name that has a suffix. In this example, we're using (you must use the name, not the domain name). Type: 

    Get-RemoteDomain "hybrid domain -" | fl 

    You will see the list of attributes again - look for TNEFEnabled (it should be blank):

  3. Type: 

    set-RemoteDomain "hybrid domain -" -TNEFEnabled $true

    TNEFEnabled should not be set to true:

    Voting buttons should now work.


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