Signature options

All existing email signatures are available on the Home page, when you first access an active Signatures for Office 365 subscription. Here, each signature is displayed as a tile. If you hover your cursor over a signature tile, a range of options are available:

From here, you can:

  • Use the Signature design option to view/update signature content using our intuitive signature designer

  • Use the Select users option to choose which users (or groups of users) this signature is for

  • Use the Signature rules option to to determine if and how the signature should be applied (for example, whether it should be used for internal and/or external messages; whether there are any text exceptions, and whether the signature should be applied via our Cloud service, or via Outlook clients)

  • Use the Set date/time trigger to define a date/time period within which this signature should be applied

  • Use the Rename option to change the name of the signature

  • Set the signature as disabled or enabled option to switch the signature on/off (when a signature is disabled, it is skipped during processing and so never applied)

  • Use the Copy to... option to copy the signature to an existing folder (the signature remains in its current location, and a copy is added to the selected location):

  • Use the Move to... option to move the signature to an existing folder (the signature is removed from its current location, and added to the selected location):

  • Use the Delete option to remove the signature entirely:

  • Use the Export option to export the template to your PC:

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