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Signature content is added by dragging and dropping signature elements from the Signature Designer toolbox, into your design. These elements are organized into logical groups, which can be collapsed and expanded needed:

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Signature element properties

When you drop an element into your signature design, associated properties are displayed immediately - for example:


You can update properties now, or close the window and update properties later, as the design evolves. To access the properties window later, just click the element in the signature design.

Understanding hierarchies and inheritance

As your signature design evolves, so the notion of hierarchy and inheritance becomes relevant. At the most basic level (i.e. when you have created a new, blank signature and no elements have been added), you have a blank canvas:


Behind the scenes, this is a signature element - it is the first level of the signature hierarchy, and has its own set of properties:


This is the overall parent element - any properties applied at this level are inherited by elements that you add subsequently. You can of course define properties for any elements (i.e. children) that you add (thus overriding inheritance from any parents), and as the structure evolves, other elements will become parents themselves.

For example, if you add a table to the signature, properties can be defined for the table as a whole (the parent), and/or for individual cells within it (in turn, any elements added to cells can inherit properties from a table cell, or have their own properties defined):


Also, some signature elements have a default parent/child hierarchy, because they are groups of individual fields. When you add one of these elements, each of the individual fields inherits the properties of the group - so they will all look and behave in the same way.

However, you can select any individual field and apply properties for that item - this will override group properties for this field. For example, you might add Address Fields but then select the ZipCode field to set its font style to bold.

Available elements

You can find out more about these elements using links below:

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