The banner element

Are you running a special offer? Will you be attending an upcoming event or trade show? Have you recently won an award? Whatever your aims, the email signature channel can be instrumental in achieving them.

Including promotional banners in email signatures ensures that your organisation's most important contacts stay in the know and your marketing activities get a valued boost.

The Banner element is used to add larger (typically promotional) images to signature designs - for example:


The Banner element works in exactly the same way as the Image/Logo element - you simply drag and drop the item and choose which image to use. Image properties are also the same.

The only difference between Banner and Image/Logo elements is that when a banner is added, the placeholder is a large rectangle - so you would typically place this element above or below other signature details.

Are there any restrictions with images that I use?

Please see our Image file requirements article for information about supported file types, sizes, etc.


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