Organizing signature folders to manage multiple regions

Within Exclaimer Cloud, folders can be used to organize signatures, and/or to restrict access to specific editors (or groups of editors). 

This provides great flexibility for managing signature content - you can define folders for any scenario, such as different regions, offices, brands, products, departments, roles...whatever your organization demands. In this article, we detail a scenario based on region, but the same principles can be applied to most situations.


Within a global organization, different signatures are required for three regions: US, UK, and AUS. Signatures within each region need to be created, edited and managed only by local editors.


The high-level process to achieve this scenario is detailed below:

  1. Create a folder for each region:


  2. Hover your cursor over the first regional folder and select Folder security:

    The Folder properties window is displayed.

  3. In the Restrict editing of signatures in this folder to these editors section, specify email addresses for required editors in the associated region:


    Note: Your email addresses may be or may not have regional suffixes - it doesn't matter.

  4. Repeat steps 2-4 for each regional folder.

  5. Create required signatures within each folder (admin users or applicable editors can do this).

  6. For each signature, set Select users options as required to ensure that they are only applied for users within the relevant region. How you do this will depend on the way in which your user data is organized - for example, you may have each user's region defined as an attribute and so choose to apply signatures based on user attributes, or you might operate with regional domains and so choose to apply signatures for users/groups and specify the relevant domain (as shown below):


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