How do I restrict access to the home page?

Within Exclaimer Cloud, the Home page is actually your root folder - by default, all users can access this page and edit signatures (unless signatures are contained in folders with restricted access). 

If required, an Admin user can choose to restrict edit permissions for signatures on the Home Page (via security settings):


Here, you can add email addresses for anyone that is allowed to edit signatures - please see instructions here for further information.

What happens when home page access is restricted?

As soon as you change default security settings for the Home page and add at least one email address, edit access is immediately restricted to the specified account(s). This means:

  • All users (admins and editors alike) can SEE signatures and folders when they access the Home page
  • Admin users can ACCESS/EDIT all signatures - including any that are in restricted folders
  • Editors can only ACCESS/EDIT signatures in folders which are specifically associated with their email address


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