Folder security


Folders can be used to organise signatures, and to restrict access to specific users.

If you haven't started using folders yet, all of your signatures are displayed on the Home page, when you access your Exclaimer Cloud subscription. Behind the scenes, the Home page is actually your root folder, which (typically) all users can access. From here, users with appropriate permissions can add folders and restrict access as required.

The ability to add and restrict folders provides great flexibility for managing signature content. For example, you might choose to define a folder for different brands, products, regions, offices, departments, roles, editors...whatever your organization demands. Creating and managing folders is very straightforward, however some key points to note are below:

  • The ability to access or create folders depends on user type 
  • Access to a folder can be restricted to a single user, or to multiple users - if no users are defined for a folder, it can be accessed by everyone 
  • Folders will affect the sequence in which signatures are processed and applied to email messages

Understanding user types

When working with folders, there are two types of user to consider:

  • Admin. These users can view and edit all folders and signatures; they can also add new folders, and grant/remove folder access for editors
  • Editor. These users can only access signatures which are (a) in the root folder (assuming that the root folder is set for global access) and (b) signatures within folders to which they have been granted access

Understanding how folders affect signature processing sequence

Signatures are processed from left to right, working down the Home page (i.e. the root) - you can check this using the Re-order option:


Where a folder is present, all signatures within that folder are processed when the folder is reached (again, from left to right, working down), before moving on to the next signature or folder in the root.  

Admin users can use the Re-order option to change the sequence of all folders and signatures within them. Editors can only re-order within  folders that they have permission to access. 

Adding a folder with access permissions

Admin users can add a new folder by following steps below:

  1. Click the New Folder button at the top of the Home page:


    The Create Folder window is displayed:


  2. Enter a Name for this folder and (if required) a Description.

  3. Click OK to add this folder to the Home page.

  4. To restrict access to this folder (and all of its content) to particular editors (remember that Admin users can always access all folders), hover your cursor over the first regional folder and select Folder security:

    The Folder properties window is displayed:


  5. Enter required email addresses in the Editor email addresses section. You can enter a single address, or multiple addresses separated by a comma. If no email addresses are here, the folder can be viewed/accessed by everyone:


  6. Click OK to exit back to the Home page, where the new folder is added to the end of current sequence.

  7. If required, use the Re-order option to change the sequence.

Is there a limit to the number of folders I can add?

At root level (i.e. from the Home page), up to 100 objects are permitted - an 'object' is a signature or a folder. Within each folder, you can have up to 100 signatures.

Can I create sub folders?

At the moment, it is not possible to create a folder within another folder. 

Moving / copying signatures between folders

When folders are defined, if an Admin user chooses to copy or move a signature, all available folders (including the Home page) are listed:  


If you are copying a signature and select a folder here, a clone of the signature is added to that folder. If you are moving the signature, the signature is removed from the current folder, into the one you select.

Removing a folder

If required, Admin users can delete a folder, and all of its content. To do this, hover your cursor over the required folder and select the Delete option:

Note: If you wish to retain any signatures currently in a folder that you want to delete, you should move them to an alternative folder first.

Working with the root folder

As noted previously, the Home page is actually your root folder - by default, all users can access this page and edit signatures (unless signatures are contained in folders with restricted access). 

If required, an Admin user can choose to restrict edit permissions for signatures on the Home Page, via Settings. To do this, follow steps below:

  1. Select Settings from the options menu in the top right-hand corner of the Home page:


  2. From the Settings page, select the Security tab.

  3. Under Folder Access, click the Edit button:


  4. Use Folder Access options to restrict access as required:


    You can now add or remove email addresses, as required. 

    Note: If you add one or more email addresses here, it means that nobody other than these users can edit signatures on the Home page. If you are in any doubt, please seek advice before adding restrictions at this level. 


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