Using conditional visibility

When a signature element is added to a signature design, you can select that element and define a range of properties. Amongst these are Visibility options: 


These options determine if/how the selected item should be displayed in signatures: 

Always visible The default setting is to always to display the image.
Auto-hiding separator This option is only applicable for elements where multiple fields are defined on a single line, separated by a character (such as a comma or a pipe), and you wish to hide separators if no user data is present. For an example, please click here
Visible when Use these fields to set a condition that must be met in order to display this item (for example - only display the mobile element if a mobile telephone number is available). For further information see Visible when options.

Visible when options 

Using Visible when options, you can define a condition under which the signature element should be displayed. Here, you select a field, then a condition and (if applicable) specify a value. This feature is best demonstrated with examples below.

Example 1: only display this element if specified data is available

Suppose we've added a mobile element to a signature design, but we only wish to display this in signatures if a mobile number exists for the sender:

  1. Start by selecting the Mobile field:


  2. Next, choose the is not empty condition:


Example 2: only display this element if the sender belongs to a particular department

Suppose we've added a sales banner to the signature, but we only wish to display this in signatures if the sender is in our Sales department:

  1. Start by selecting the Department field:


  2. Next, choose the equals condition:


    Note: Alternatively, you might wish to use the contains condition if you have departments such as 'Sales', 'Pre Sales', 'After Sales', etc.

  3. In the value field (only applicable if certain conditions are chosen previously), type the value that should be compared:


    Note: This example only works if your organization uses the Department field to store departmental information for users.




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