Video: Setting up custom attributes in Signatures for Office 365

Learn more about implementing Office 365 custom attributes in email signatures managed by Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 with this handy video guide.


Running the Additional Azure AD Attributes Wizard

Once the data is in place in Exchange Online, follow steps below to run the Additional Azure AD Attributes Wizard:

  1. Log into Exclaimer Cloud (

  2. Select Settings form the options menu:


  3. Select the Data Synchronziation tab.

  4. To start the wizard, click the Edit button for Additional Azure AD Attributes:


  5. Select the Sync only the 15 custom attributes in Office 365 (for customers without a local AD) option:


  6. Click Next. You are prompted to enter Global Administrator credentials, so a new administrator role can be created:


  7. Click Next to create the account. Upon completion, confirmation is displayed:


  8. Click Next to update the schema for your directory data in Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 (allowing us to sync this data):


  9. Upon completion, click Close:


  10. Now, options should look like the example below:



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