Configuring a full operational service for Office 365 (overview)

When you are ready to configure a connection between Exclaimer Cloud and Office 365, our intuitive setup wizard will guide you through the process.

Having set up your subscription and launched the product, you can choose to Configure the full operational service, or Try out the Signature Designer:


If you choose to Configure the full operational service, you are asked to choose which features you wish to configure:


Options that you choose here determine how the setup wizard progresses - please click the appropriate link below for instructions:

  • Configure your new subscription for BOTH Exclaimer Cloud and Outlook Client features. In this mode, signatures can be synchronized to users' computers for use in Microsoft Outlook, or applied by Exclaimer's cloud service as appropriate. If Exclaimer Cloud processes a message and detects that a signature has been applied via Microsoft Outlook, it routes the message straight to Office 365, for delivery. Alternatively, if no existing signature is detected and an applicable signature is found, that signature is applied before the message is routed to Office 365, for delivery. 

  • Configure your new subscription for Exclaimer Cloud features ONLY. In this mode, signatures are applied to all email messages via Exclaimer's Cloud service, irrespective of which browser/device/email client is used.

  • Configure your new subscription for Outlook Client features ONLY. In this mode, signatures are synchronized to users' computers for use in Microsoft Outlook. When messages are sent from Outlook, they are sent directly via Office 365 (they are not routed to Exclaimer Cloud for processing).

Note: If you choose to configure your email service, it's important to update your SPF record, to ensure that messages processed by Exclaimer Cloud, are not marked as spam. You can do this before or after the configuration - please see: Updating your SPF record for details.

Can I change my configuration later?


If you choose to configure your new subscription for Exclaimer Cloud only, you can add Outlook Client features any time afterwards.

Similarly, if you choose to configure your new subscription for Outlook Client only, you can add Exclaimer Cloud features any time afterwards



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