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Tables are often use to define the layout of signatures. The Tables element includes a number of predefined table shapes (as well as a custom option), which you can drag and drop into your signature design, like any other element:


Having dropped a table shape into your design, you can update table properties and then start to work with the structure:


You can now drop other elements into table cells, as required. Don't worry if you change your mind later - it's easy to add/remove rows and columns, and you can also choose to merge cells if required.  

Adding a custom table

If you cannot find a predefined table shape to suit your needs, you can add a custom shape. To do this, simply drag and drop the Custom... element into your design:


Having dropped this element, Custom settings are displayed:


Here, specify the number of columns and rows required, then click OK to add the table to update table properties and add the table to your design. From there, you may wish to merge cells to refine the shape further (you can also add/remove rows and columns, if required). 

Table properties

When you add or edit any table, table properties are displayed:


These properties define how the table will look and behave. Content added to cells may inherit these properties however, you can edit properties for those items to override inheritance from the table.

With the exception of Rows and Columns, table properties are actually the same as group properties - please see our Groups and group properties article for details. 

Rows and columns properties


Rows and Columns properties are used to specify the number and size of rows and columns in the table:

Rows Specify (or select) the number of rows required. 
Columns Specify (or select) the number of columns required.
Row Heights This field contains a height value for each row in the table - for example:


Left to right values reflect top to bottom rows. 

Column Widths This field contains a width value for each column in the table - for example:  


Left to right values reflect left to right columns. 

Selecting table elements 

Tables are displayed with green borders around cells, and a gold border around the table as a whole: 


Use these borders to select the required item.

Adding / removing rows and columns

When you select an existing table cell, table properties are displayed. However, because you are working with a cell (rather than the table as a whole), additional Cell Span options are available. From here, click the Rows and Columns button to add or remove rows and columns as needed:


Merging cells

To merge cells, select the required cell to open table properties. From here, select the Cell Span tab and change settings as required.

The example below shows a selected cell which spans one column:


If we change the column span to 2, the cell is merged with the column to the right:



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