Adding, moving and removing elements

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Adding, moving and deleting signature elements couldn't be simpler - all you do is drag and drop. The canvas is smart - as you drag an element, the Signature Designer anticipates where you might drop it and makes space accordingly.

Adding elements 

To add an element to your signature, select it in the toolbox and drag it into your design and drop at the required location:


Moving elements 

To move an element to a different position in your design, just click and drag it to the required point, then drop:


Removing elements 

If you decide that an element is no longer required, simply drag it out of the design and drop it anywhere in the blue design space:


Alternatively, you can select an element and use the Delete option within its properties window (properties are displayed as soon as an element is selected) - for example:


Selecting groups and fields 

Some elements are in fact groups of individual fields. For example, when you add an Address Fields element, you are actually adding a series of fields which have been grouped for convenience, because they are commonly used together. In the Signature Designer, a group is indicated by a red border - select this border to work with all items in the group: 


...or you might wish to select and move/remove individual fields within a group:


The same applies for table cells. Tables are often used to define the layout of signatures, and can be identified by green borders around cells, and a gold border around the table as a whole: 



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