Designing signatures introduction

Our intuitive signature designer is used to design required signature content and layout. Whether you have added a new 'blank' signature and wish to design from first principles, or you are starting with an existing template, design techniques are the same. 

Signature content is added by dragging and dropping signature elements from the Signature Designer toolbox, into your design:


A range of elements are available - for example: text fields; contact and address fields; social media strip; images and logos; user photo, etc. Having added an element, you can customize it using properties - for example:


Every element is associated with its own set of properties - for example, to set fonts, colors, alignment, borders, etc. You can also change the layout of your signature, either by dragging elements into new positions, or perhaps by adding a new table shape for more radical changes.

As you update your design, you can see how it will be displayed in email messages, using a handy preview pane:


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