Adding a new signature without a template

To add a new signature with a blank canvas, so you can design your layout and content from first principles, follow steps below:

  1. Select the New Signature option from the menu bar at the top of the Home page:


    Note: If you are a new user and have opted to try out the signature designer for the first time, you are automatically directed to create a new signature and will start this process at step 2 (below).

  2. From here, the Create New window is displayed:add_template_signature_3.png

  3. You don't need to select a predefined template, as we want to start with a completely blank canvas (rather than starting with a predefined Exclaimer template). Instead, click the Create Blank Signature button, at the bottom of the window. From here, Table Shape options are displayed:


    When designing a signature layout, it is often useful to work within a table which includes columns and rows representing the required signature shape. A range of table shapes is available here, so you can choose one that best suits the layout that you want to achieve.

  4. Select the required Table Shape and click Yes.

    Note: Table shapes are available for convenience, but you don't have to select one. If you prefer to work without a table, click No - this just means that you will be adding content to the signature canvas, rather than a table.

    Having selected a table shape, it is added to the signature canvas:


  5. Click the Save button (at the top of the Signature Designer):


  6. Enter a Signature Name and click OK:


    This saves the signature and adds it to the Home page.

  7. You can now design your signature. As your design evolves, remember to save changes.

    Note: When your design is finished, you can apply it to required users and, when you are ready, enable it for use.

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