Overview of the signature designer

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When you choose to add or change a signature, you'll be working with our smart, intuitive Signature Designer:


Note: If you'd rather watch than read, see our Using the Exclaimer Cloud Signature Editor video.

The toolbox

The toolbox includes all elements that can be added to signatures. These elements are organized into logical groups, which can can be collapsed and expanded needed:

toolbox_collapse.png             toolbox_expand.png

You can find out more about these elements in the Signature Elements Introduction article.

The signature canvas

The canvas is where your signature takes shape. If you have chosen to create a blank signature, it will be blank until you drag and drop required elements on to it:


If you have chosen to create a signature based on an Exclaimer template, or to change an existing signature, the canvas displays the current design:


The canvas is smart - as you drag an element, the Signature Designer anticipates where you might drop it and makes space accordingly:


Note: If you wish to remove an element from your design, simply drag it off of the canvas and drop it anywhere in the blue background.

The preview pane

As your signature design evolves, you can see how it will be applied to messages, using the dynamic preview pane on the right-hand side:


Note: If you need more space to work with the canvas, click the View button (at the top of the Signature Designer) to collapse the preview pane.

Action buttons

Buttons at the top of the Signature Designer are used to take action with the current signature, as summarized below:

  • New. Create a new signature. This option needs to close the existing design, so make sure you have saved changes (you'll be prompted to do so) before proceeding with this action.
  • Save. Save the current design and keep it open for further changes.
  • Save As. Save the current design with a different name. This is useful if you originally chose to change an existing design, but wish to create a new version instead of overwriting the original one.
  • Undo. Undo the last edit (keep pressing this button to undo older edits).
  • Redo. Redo the last undo action (keep pressing this button to redo older undo actions).
  • View. Collapse the preview pane, so you have more design space.
  • Help. Access the Exclaimer Cloud area of the Exclaimer Knowledge Base.
  • Close. Close the current signature and return to the Home page. 

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