Working with user photos

User photos can be uploaded to Exclaimer Cloud, so they can be added to signatures. To upload (or browse) these photos, select the User Photos option, from the drop-down menu at the top of the Home page:


...the User Photos page is displayed:


Here, you will find a thumbnail image for every user. If a photo has been uploaded for a user, it is displayed - if no photo has been updated, the thumbnail will show a placeholder image. Using options at the top of the page, you can change the sort order for the image display, and/or search for a user photo.

Changing the sort order

By default, user photos are sorted by Display Name, but you can choose to sort by Email Address or Last Name, using the Sort Order drop-down list:


The Search field (at the top of the page) can be used to find a user (or users) by display name or email address. This is a predictive search, so suggested results are shown as you type:


From here, you can select an entry from the list, or press Enter to show results in the main display area.

Uploading a user photo

To upload a photo for a user, simply locate the required user photo and click the Upload button:


You are then prompted to browse drives and folders to find and select a photo to be uploaded.

Closing user photos

When you've finished working with User Photos, click the Close button to exit back to the Home page:


Are user photos embedded or web hosted?

All user photos that are uploaded into our system will be embedded into the message when the signature is applied. For more information on the difference between Web Hosted and Embedded images, please see this Exclaimer Knowledge Base article.

Can I upload images for multiple users at once?

This is not possible in the current release however, it is planned for a future release.

What happens if the user photo field is defined in a signature, but no image has been uploaded?

By default, the User Photo element is hidden in the signature for users who do not have an uploaded photo.

Haven't found a solution to your problem?

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