Applying a signature for a given time period

You can define a date/time period within which a signature will be used - for example, you might define a signature with time-limited promotional content; include a holiday message at certain times of the year, etc. Having defined the required signature, you can apply date and time settings, as follows:

  1. Hover your cursor over the required signature and choose the Set date/time trigger option:

    The Applies to window is displayed with date and time options:


  2. Select the Apply within Date/Time range checkbox to activate these settings.

  3. In Start and End date fields, click the calendar icon and choose the required date using the calendar picker:


  4. In Start and End time fields, click the clock icons to select a time from the list. Times are listed in half-hourly intervals:


     If you need a more specific time, you can click in a time field and type the required type manually:


    You must specify a time. If you attempt to save settings when the Date/Time range is activated but a time field is blank, you are warned that this information is required:


  5. Having defined required dates and times, click OK at the bottom of the page. The signature is updated. When browsing signatures, you will see a Date/Time range applies note at the bottom of the tile:

    Note: When the End date and time is reached, the signature will stop being applied (during processing, it will be ignored and the next applicable signature will be used).

    For a demonstration of this feature, you can watch our video, here.

​What formatting does the date range use?

The formatting used is based on the UI Language that you have chosen.

How can I tell if a signature is active or inactive because of date restrictions?

If a signature is associated with a date/time restriction, you will see a Date/Time range applies note at the bottom of the signature tile. Currently, this does not indicate whether the signature is active - to view its status, you should access Applies to... details and check the dates specified.

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