Applying a signature based on user attributes

Advanced Queries allow you to be more specific about which users will have a signature applied. With this feature, you can define queries which are based on user attributes within your email service (i.e. Active Directory, for Office 365, and Google Directory, for G Suite). For example, you might want to define a signature for all users within a given department, or who are based at a certain office, etc. 

Note: This feature can be an ideal solution for cases where you need to apply a signature for dynamic distribution group.

Accessing the advanced query window

To access the Advanced Query window:

  1. Hover your cursor over the required signature and choose the Select users option:

    The Applies to window is displayed. From here you can choose users for whom the signature is/is not applied; messages to be excluded (based on specified content matched in body text), and/or a date range:


  2. Click the Add People/Groups button:


    The Add person/group window is displayed:


  3. Select the Advanced Query radio button to open the Advanced Query window:


Defining a query

To define a query, start by entering a Description (once the query is complete, this description is displayed in the signature tile), then follow steps below:

    1. Use the Start With field to specify the start point for the query:


      Here, you can:
      • choose to start the query with No-one, so the query starts with nothing and adds matched users
      • choose Everyone, so the query starts with all users and removes matched users


  1. Click the Add Condition button:


  2. A first query row is added. Here, you can use a series of fields to define your query:


  3. Click the then drop-down field to choose what should happen with users who match this query.


    The default is Add if you have chosen to start with No-one, and Remove if you have chosen to start with Everyone.

  4. Click the users where drop-down field to choose an attribute to be matched:


  5. Use the is drop-down field to choose how the attribute value should be queried (is, contains, starts with, etc.):

  6. Finally, enter the required value to be matched:


  7. If required, you can add further query rows - just click the Add Condition button again to add a new row.

  8. Click OK to confirm and exit back to the Add person/group window, where your query Description is now shown:


  9. Click OK to return to the Applies to window, then OK again to exit back to the main page. Here, the signature tile is displayed with the query description:


    For a demonstration of this feature, you can watch our video, here.

Are the conditions case sensitive?

Value fields are not case sensitive - i.e. entering London, LONDON or london would achieve the same results.

Can I see a list of users who match query conditions?

This is not possible in the current version.

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