Trying out the signature designer

Configuring an Exclaimer Cloud subscription isn't complicated, but sometimes you might just want to dive in and take a look at the Signature Designer and see what's available, before getting into the nitty-gritty of connecting to your email services.

Preview Mode lets you do exactly this. Once you have registered for an Exclaimer Cloud account and created a subscription, you can launch that subscription and choose the type of access required:


If you choose to Try out the Signature Designer, you will access your subscription in Preview Mode - for example:


What you can do in preview mode

In Preview Mode, you can create, save and preview any number of signatures, with full access to the Signature Designer.

What you can't do in preview mode

Since there is no connection to your email services or user data, options to apply your signatures to users or groups are not available. If you later choose to go ahead and configure services, any signatures that you have created in Preview Mode will still be available, so you can apply them to users once the configuration is completed.

Haven't found a solution to your problem?

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