Using Exclaimer Cloud to append signatures for messages sent from mobile devices only


You wish to allow Microsoft Outlook users to see signatures on their email before sending it and still be able to have signatures appended to messages sent from mobile devices.

To achieve this, you are using a combination of Exclaimer products (such as Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition or Exclaimer Signature Manager Office 365 Edition, together with Exclaimer Cloud), and need to know the best setup to use.


Set the Exclaimer Office 365 transport rule (default name Identify messages to send to Exclaimer Cloud) to redirect all messages to Exclaimer Cloud (irrespective of whether they already have a signature applied from Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition or Exclaimer Signature Manager Office 365 Edition).

Then, configure an exclusion in Exclaimer Cloud, specifying that a signature should not be appended if a given word or phrase is already present in the email message. This word or phrase should be something that is always found in signatures applied by Exclaimer – for example: the signature template below includes a Registered number:


Taking this as the trigger for a signature not to be appended, the exclusion in Exclaimer Cloud would be added as follows:


So, if a signature has already been appended by another Exclaimer product, and that signature includes the string of characters defined here (i.e. the Registered Number), Exclaimer Cloud will not add another signature.

Therefore, the only messages that would have a signature appended by Exclaimer Cloud would be messages without an existing signature – i.e. messages that are sent from a mobile device.

Using this option, you can choose whether Exclaimer Cloud will search the entire message for the specified string of characters, or only the most recent message in the thread. If set to search the entire message thread, the signature will only be applied once for each email chain. If set to search only the most recent message in thread, a signature will be applied to each reply which does not already have a signature (even if the signature is present earlier in the email chain).

Note: This solution has the same effect as the ‘advanced’ solution detailed in this Knowledge Base article.

Alternative solution

An alternative option is to specify an exception on the Office 365 transport rule, working on the same principle described above (i.e. specify a word or phrase that would always be present in an existing signature):


This would prevent messages that already have a signature appended by other Exclaimer products from routing messages unnecessarily to Exclaimer Cloud, before delivery to recipients.

Using this method, the signature will only be applied by Exclaimer Cloud once for each email chain.

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