Excluding messages based on message body text

If required, you can exclude messages from having a signature applied, based on message body text. Exclusion options are available when you access signature rules, as detailed below: 

  1. Hover your cursor over the required signature and choose the Signature rules option:

    The Applies to... window is displayed with focus on Exclaimer Cloud options:

  2. Enable the Except where the message contains option and type required exception text into the associated text field.

  3. Having entered the required text string, select one of the following In options:

    • entire message - check for the text string in the entire message thread
    • most recent in thread - only check the most recent message in the thread

  4. If required, you can select the Add the next applicable signature (if any) instead checkbox. When selected, the next applicable signature will be added. If this option is not selected, no subsequent signature will be applied.

    Note: For a working example of how these options can be used, please see Creating and applying reply signatures.

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