Configuring a new Office 365 subscription for Outlook Client only

This article guides you through the process of configuring your Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 subscription, for Outlook Client ONLY  (so signatures are synchronized to Microsoft Outlook on users' computers).

In this mode, signatures are synchronized to users' computers for use in Microsoft Outlook. When messages are sent from Outlook, they are sent directly via Office 365 (they are not routed to Exclaimer Cloud for processing). To achieve this, follow steps below:

To learn more about our Outlook Client feature, please see our Outlook Client for Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 article.

Note: Alternative configuration options are available - please see Configuring Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 (overview).

Running the setup wizard

This wizard walks you through the steps required to grant permission for data synchronization, and for Exclaimer's Outlook Client Agent to sign into Office 365 as a user.

To run the setup wizard, follow steps below:

  1. Having set up your subscription and launched Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365, you can choose to Configure the full operational service or Try out the Signature Designer:


    Note: If you have previously chosen to Try out the Signature Designer, the Configure the full operational service option will always be available when you launch the product.

  2. Select Configure the full operational service and click Next to choose features that you wish to configure.

  3. Select the via Outlook checkbox:


  4. Click Next to view a summary of tasks that will be completed during this setup:


  5. Click Next to grant permission to read your Azure/Office 365 data, and allow Exclaimer's Outlook Client Agent to sign into Office 365 as a user:


  6. Enter the required domain and click Next. You are directed to a page within the Microsoft Online environment, where you should enter Global Administrator credentials and grant permission for Exclaimer Cloud to access required data.

    Note: if you're not sure what your domain name should be, see Where can I find my Microsoft Tenant ID?

  7. Having confirmed these details, you are directed back to Exclaimer's setup wizard, where you'll see confirmation you that you have successfully granted required permissions: 


  8. Click Next to synchronize data:


    Once data is synchronized, confirmation is displayed:


  9. Click Next to access the Home page - you're now ready to create your first email signatures in Signatures for Office 365. To learn more about the Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 interface, see our Finding Your Way Around article.

  10. To synchronize these signatures to users' computers, our Signature Update Agent must be downloaded on each client machine. For further information please see The Signature Update Agent.

    Note: If you decide that you would like to add Exclaimer Cloud features later, see Configuring Exclaimer Cloud for an existing Office 365, Outlook client-only subscription.

Deploying the signature update agent to users' computers

To synchronize signatures to Microsoft Outlook, Exclaimer's Signature Update Agent must be deployed to each user's computer. The agent runs in the background and synchronizes signatures at regular intervals.

There are two ways that you can deploy the Signature Update Agent to client computers: 

Unless you have a specific need to deploy via GPO, we recommend that URL deployment is used - this is the simplest method, and ensures that the agent is always up to date.

Note: To learn more about the Signature Update Agent, please see our Signature Update Agent article.

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