Unable to complete onboarding for Exclaimer Cloud (or run the Connector Update Wizard with Multi-Factor Authentication enabled)


You are unable to complete the onboarding process for Exclaimer Cloud, or the Office 365 connector setup wizard. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled for your Office 365 users.


Multi-Factor Authentication is a method of verifying who you are, above and beyond a username and password. Using Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365, users are required to acknowledge a telephone call, a text message, or a smartphone app notification, having correctly entered their password. Sign-in is only possible after this second level of authentication has been confirmed.

To complete required setup for Exclaimer Cloud, you must specify credentials for a global administrator account, and a series of PowerShell scripts are executed. If the global administrator account requires Multi-Factor Authentication, these scripts will fail.


Disable Multi-Factor Authentication whilst the Exclaimer Cloud setup is being run, and enable it again once complete. Exclaimer will be reviewing how to implement Multi-Factor Authentication in a future version of Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365.

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