How do I define a signature for Exclaimer Cloud deployment?

If your subscription is configured with Outlook Client for Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365, you can create a signature and then define signature rules to determine if/how it is deployed:

  • Exclaimer Cloud deployment. Users compose and send messages from any client/browser/device, without signatures. The message is then routed to our Cloud service, where the first applicable signature is applied. 


  • Outlook client deployment. Users synchronize signatures from Exclaimer Cloud to Microsoft Outlook, so their signature is displayed when they compose messages from their Outlook client. The message is then routed to Exclaimer Cloud, where text matching ensures that a duplicate signature is not applied.

This article explains how to define signature rules for Exclaimer Cloud deployment. For Outlook client options, please click here.

Setting Exclaimer Cloud options 

To set Exclaimer Cloud deployment options (so, when applicable, the signature will be applied by Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365), follow steps below: 

  1. Log into the Exclaimer portal ( and Launch your subscription. All existing signatures (and signature folders) are displayed on the Home page, in processing sequence.

  2. Hover your cursor over the signature that you wish to update and select the Signature rules option:


    The Applies to... window is displayed with focus on Exclaimer Cloud options:


  3. Ensure that the first Apply this signature to option is switched 'on' and then use remaining options to define conditions under which this signature should be applied:    

    Option    Summary
    For messages sent to:  
    everyone   Where applicable, add this signature to all messages, irrespective of whether the recipient is internal or external. 
     internal recipients   Where applicable, add this signature only to messages sent to internal recipients. 
     external recipients   Where applicable, add this signature only to messages sent to external recipients.
    Except where the message contains... 
     Text field   Use the text field provided to enter a word or phrase that should trigger an exception, so this signature is NOT applied. For example, you could use this option to a ensure that the signature only appears once in an email thread.
     In   Choose whether the specified exception text should be matched anywhere in the entire message thread, or only in the most recent thread.
    In which case   By default, signature processing will stop if an exception is triggered. If preferred, switch on the Add next applicable signature... option to continue signature processing subsequent signatures in the event that an exception is triggered here.

  4. Click OK to confirm changes and update the signature.

  5. If required, you can also define rules for Outlook client deployment.


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