Best practice to prevent duplicate Cloud/Outlook signatures

If your subscription is configured with Outlook Client for Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365, you can define signature rules for:

  • Exclaimer Cloud deployment. Users compose and send messages from any client/browser/device, without signatures. The message is then routed to our Cloud service, where the first applicable signature is applied. 


  • Outlook client deployment. Users synchronize signatures from Exclaimer Cloud to Microsoft Outlook, so their signature is displayed when they compose messages from their Outlook client. The message is then routed to Exclaimer Cloud, where text matching ensures that a duplicate signature is not applied.

    Note: All applicable Outlook Client signatures are synchronized for users. This means that when a user composes a message in Outlook, they may have more than one signature to choose from.

If users compose messages in their Outlook client and incorporate synchronized signatures, we need to ensure that duplicate signatures are not applied when these messages are subsequently routed to Exclaimer Cloud for processing.

In the vast majority of cases, Exclaimer Cloud takes care of this automatically, through its text matching checks. However, there is one scenario where a duplicate signature might be applied.


Keep in mind that Exclaimer Cloud processes signatures in the order that they appear on the Home page, and also that text matching checks are only performed for signatures where Outlook client deployment options are set. Now, suppose that:

  • A user composes a message in their Outlook client, which includes a synchronized signature
  • The message is routed to Exclaimer Cloud, and signature processing begins
  • Before reaching the signature that was synchronized for this user, Exclaimer Cloud encounters another applicable signature, which is defined for Exclaimer Cloud deployment only 

If processing reaches an applicable Exclaimer Cloud-only message before it gets a chance to find the synchronized Outlook client signature that is already in the message, it will apply it - therefore the message would include two signatures. 

Suggested best practice to avoid this scenario

  • If you wish to deploy signatures to Outlook clients and it is possible to do so, we recommend defining Exclaimer Cloud AND Outlook client rules for all signatures. This ensures that text matching is always performed.


  • If you need to have some signatures defined for Exclaimer Cloud deployment only, try to ensure that these are sequenced AFTER any signatures defined for Outlook client deployment. For further information about re-ordering signatures, click here.



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