A signature is not applied for one or more users


This can occur when email address details shown for a user on Exclaimer's servers do not match their primary email address - i.e. emails sent are from an address that Exclaimer Cloud does not recognise. In this scenario, the email messages are not validated correctly and so a signature is not applied.


This is typically caused by there being a difference between the user's primary SMTP address, and their mail field in Office 365.

The Office 365 mail field should match their primary SMTP address. However, we occasionally see cases where the Office 365 mail field contains incorrect data - typically in hybrid environments or where AD sync is used. 


To resolve this issue, please try steps below:  

Verify that the Office 365 mail field contains incorrect data

To verify that data in the Office 365 mail field is incorrect, follow the steps below:

  1. Browse to https://graphexplorer.azurewebsites.net/.
  2. Sign in and authorize access using your Office 365 administrator account.
  3. Update the following link with your own details (as indicated):
    For example:
  4. Copy/paste the updated link into the GET field.
  5. Click GET.
  6. Once you have a response, scroll down and locate the mail field. This should show incorrect data for the user - for example:

    Locate the Office 365 mail field

  7. If the mail field does not show the user's primary SMTP address, follow steps below to delete incorrect data and synchronize. If the user's primary SMTP address is shown in the mail field, please raise a support ticket.

Delete incorrect data and synchronize

If you complete the verification process described above and find incorrect data in the Office 365 mail field, follow steps below to resolve the issue and ensure the user is correctly recognised by Exclaimer Cloud.

  1. Access your Active Directory and delete the user's alias address which was shown in the mail field.
  2. Run an AD sync with Azure. This should update the mail field to the user's primary SMTP address.
  3. Once the sync is complete you can add the user's alias again, if required.
  4. Run a synchronize task from the Exclaimer Cloud portal:
    • Go to Settings on the main page.
    • Under Office 365/Azure Active Directory Synchronization, click Start.
  5. Once the synchronization task is complete, you can retest. If this process does not resolve the issue, please raise a support ticket.

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