Send a signature template to Exclaimer


If you need to make changes to an existing signature template that cannot be achieved using our standard template editor, you may wish to send the template to Exclaimer's signature design team.


If you are experiencing a problem with a template, our support team might request a copy for further checking.


To send a template to Exclaimer directly from Signatures for Office 365, follow the steps below: 

  1. Sign in to the Exclaimer Cloud portal.
  2. Click the Launch option, next to your Signatures for Office 365 active subscription:

    Launch option in Exclaimer Cloud portal.

  3. When the Signatures for Office 365 home page is displayed, navigate to the URL bar at the top of the window:

    Navigate to Signature for Office 365 URL.

  4. Append the existing URL with the following:


    For example:

    Append URL.

  5. Press Enter to reload the page.
  6. Find the template that you wish to send and click the options icon at the top of the thumbnail:

    Choose Office 365 signature template.

  7. Select the Send Template to Exclaimer option and the template is sent automatically.

Note: Having enabled the Send Template to Exclaimer feature, it will be available for the duration of your session. Once your browser is closed, it is disabled once again

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