Importing a signature

Some people have very specific requirements that cannot be easily achieved with one of our standard email signature templates. That is why we offer a custom Signature Design Service, which is accessed via a link in the signature editor window:

Make a Signature Design Services request in Signatures for Office 365.

Once the project has been completed, you will be sent the template source files to import into your Signatures for Office 365 UI.

To do this, save the template files to your computer and carry out the following steps:

  1. Login to your Exclaimer account and access your Signatures for Office 365 subscription/s.
  2. Navigate to the Import button, which can be found at the top right of the screen:

    Import button within UI.

  3. Having selected this option, the Import window is displayed:

    Import Office365 signature template files.

  4. Simply click Select files... to browse for the signature file that you have received.

    Select email signature files to import.

  5. Click Open to confirm your selection and import your email signature source files.
  6. The import will take a few moments and you will be informed when it has been completed.
  7. The imported email signature is then added to the Home page. From here, follow the standard steps to setup the signature for your organization.

If you have any issues uploading your template, contact Exclaimer Support or your dedicated Exclaimer Template Designer.

Note: You will be unable to import any other signature that has not been designed by Exclaimer.

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