The Logo element lets you add a logo image to an email signature:

Add a logo image to an Office 365 signature.

Logo placement

When an email signature is created, the selected template includes a sample logo. This lets you see where the logo will appear in the signature and is shown in the signature preview window. When you change the logo, the new image replaces the existing placeholder in exactly the same position.

The logo position is determined by the template you have chosen, so it cannot be changed. If you are unhappy with the position, you can create a new email signature with a new template. The template library includes a variety of different designs, so it is likely you will find one that meets your requirements.

Note: If you still cannot find an email signature template that meets your needs, we can create one for you. Simply click on the option provided beneath the options pane (shown below) to brief our design team. Please be aware that this is a chargeable service.

Exclaimer Email Signature Design Service.

Logo file requirements

Standard image file requirements apply for all Logo images.

Changing the logo - embedded

To replace the existing logo:

  1. Click the Select files button:

    Select files to find your logo.

  2. Navigate drives and folders to find and select the required logo file:

    Find where your logo is stored.

  3. Click Open to confirm your selection. This will update the signature preview with your logo.

Changing the logo - linked

To replace the existing logo:

  1. Click on the Linked Image radio button:


  2. Enter the URL of your hosted image and click off the signature. This will update the signature preview with your logo:

    Enter the URL of hosted image.

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